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Beverage Consulting

With a Twist


Behind the Wood is a beverage consulting company based in Astoria, Queens.

The co-founders came together over a love of unique and expertly-crafted cocktails, paired with an understanding of how to create an efficiently-run bar that elevates the guest experience to the highest level. With more than 30 combined years in the hospitality industry Behind the Wood is well-positioned to deliver this heightened experience, resulting in larger checks, rave reviews, and increased revenue for your business.

We offer a wide range of specialized services to suit the needs of every bar, restaurant, and nightclub.

Our process begins and ends with the client, you. Your establishment takes precedence and Behind the Wood will identify what services will best aid you in achieving your goals. We specialize in cocktail menu development and creation with an emphasis on house made syrups and fresh juice programs by weaving our expertise with your concept and vision.  When you partner with us, your business becomes our business.

Mashia’s a true mixology genius. Her work ethic at the bar truly sets the tone in our workplace where our bar is the heartbeat. Her commitment to guest relations and beverage programs will take any business to the next level hands down.
— Shik Ahn, Director of Operations, EMM Group
Scott is one of the most talented restaurant professionals I’ve ever worked with. His experience in the hospitality and entertainment industries has culminated in his ability to run one of the most valuable bar consulting programs I’ve ever seen.
— Nicole Worflar, Catering Mgr, Guckenheimer
Mashia was instrumental in my introduction to the art of craft cocktails. It wasn’t until I encountered Mashia at Soho House West Hollywood that I realized I had much more to learn about the art of tending bar. She’s focused, knowledgeable, & passionate.
— Mia Mastroianni, Mixology Expert, Bar Rescue
Scott and Mashia are my go-to when I need beautiful cocktails created and paired with food. They understand the importance of balancing flavors, highlighting seasonal ingredients, and innovation within whatever parameters I set.
— Tamara Reynolds, Chef/Owner, Van Alst Kitchen