Behind the Wood specializes in hand crafted cocktails, creating a tailored menu that blends seamlessly with your concept. Our ever-growing repertoire of cocktails are fresh, vibrant, well balanced, beautiful to look at, and even more pleasing to sip.


We facilitate training for all bar staff on multiple levels, offering everything from classic cocktail training using proper method and technique to fully-comprehensive bar staff training utilizing the Behind the Wood Bar Compendium, a bar “bible” comprised of spirits training, a history of cocktails, bar etiquette, method and technique of crafting cocktails, a breakdown of all bar tools and their uses, and a complete list of recipes for the 35 most popular classic cocktails.


Behind the Wood will advise you on the best juice, syrup, and ice for your establishment. By using seasonally fresh ingredients, house-made syrups and the best ice for your concept — or by recommending outstanding bottled products and readily available ingredients, Behind the Wood will adapt this program according to your needs.


There exists a vast selection of varied spirits out there — Behind the Wood will assist you in making decisions about which ones will help your bar to stand out above the rest. Using our knowledge of spirits, their history, and what is popular in the beverage community, we can assist you in making an educated choice and a well-developed spirit list.


As experienced bartenders ourselves, Behind the Wood knows the importance of using the correct tools and having the best, most efficient equipment behind the bar. Our recommendations will give your staff and establishment the necessary advantage to keep the bar running smoothly and succinctly, yielding a consistent product each and every time. Consistency equals profitability.


A bartender is only as fast as the construction of the bar allows. A well-designed bar is a profitable one, and Behind the Wood can advise you on the placement of equipment and machinery to maximize efficiency — thereby keeping guests well-oiled during each and every service.